trip prep.

Well folks, I’m leaving in 2 weeks.ย Here’s what I still have to do before I leave:

  • Find a fleece jacket
  • Top up my first aid kit (mostly with Advil, blister pads and sewing kit)
  • Pack my first 10-12 days worth of food (extra light because the first 12 days is the longest stretch without hitting a town, its called the 100 mile wilderness)
  • Pack up my apartment (this is going to suck…)
  • Cut off all the tags, zipper pulls, extra webbin’, toggles and anything else that is just dead weight from my clothes and back pack
  • Cut tooth brush handle off and shorten spork handle
  • Pack my back pack and weigh myself with it on
  • Take everything out, cut back on heavy stuff, put it on and weigh myself again…
  • Eat all the food in my cupboards
  • Clean out all the freezer burnt foods from the far corners of my freezer.
  • Brainstorm cool trail names in case I don’t like the one I get
  • Stop using shampoo so that my hair will be used to being unwashed…
  • Hike around High Park with my pack and boots on
  • Say bye to all my friends, family and church people ๐Ÿ™
  • Finish up work stuff
  • Hug my cat one last time
  • See if there’s anything else I can steal from my brothers room while he’s gone that I might need for the trip (Thanks Nik!)
  • Sleepover party! Eat Amatos pizza and drink beer with my roommate (on my last night)!

I think that about does it. Its going to be a busy few weeks, but when it’s all over I’ll be livin’ it up on the AT. Walkin’ in the Woods. (I hope that for some reason the bugs forgot to come out this year. Fingers crossed!)



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