Listens Birthday

I was hiking with Listen for a few days and knew her birthday was coming up soon. We were approaching a town and she wanted so badly to go in a sleep in a bed for her 23rd. Along the trail some North Bounders or NOBO’s had told us about this cool hostel you could stay at for free if you do some work for them. But they all warned us that although the people are all really nice, the place really cool and the food really good, the whole vibe at the hostel was a bit weird. This one NOBO named Meat said that it was some weirdo religious group who runs the place. That was enough to freak me out, but Listen guilt-ed me into going there because of her birthday.

When we arrived at the hostel we were greeted by many pony tailed men and women who were all very happy to see us and took us to our rooms to shower and get settled. The best hiker clothes we could find were long floral skirts and funny collared shirts. We told them we wanted work for stay and they put us to work washing floors and windows. The inside of the hostel was really cool. Everything was made of wood and it looked like we had stepped back in time to the middle ages or something. The furniture was all hand made and had a rustic feel. The music playing in the background was fiddle and flute type music and it sounded like I was in the movie A Nights Tale.

That night we went out and got ice cream and took it back to the cafe where they had root beer on tap and made birthday floats after our delicious dinner of turkey burgers, salad and chili. The next day Listen and I met with a lady named Meg Wilson who is writing a book about female thru hikers. She took us out for brunch and asked us some questions about our hike. We are both pretty excited about the possibility of being in a book. We plan to meet up with Meg in each state as we head south so we can share our experiences with her.

Nothing weird happened at the Yellow Deli Hostel while I was there. The people all seemed really nice and friendly. They are part of a religious group called the 12 Tribes, I’m not sure what their beliefs are. I hear there is another hostel down the trail, I think I will check it out.

Happy 23rd Listen! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Listens Birthday

  1. Jules, when I was in Australia a few years ago I visited a place called the Common Ground Cafe in Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains. The cafe, too, had an amazing hand-built wooden interior and was run by a group called the Twelve Tribes! Crazy huh? Check it out:

  2. Hey Julie, I’ve been following your posts whenever I’m home. You are having an awsome time. I’d love to be with you for some of it especially the high stuff with all the views and the lows with the ice cream stops. How about a repeat next year when I’m retired.
    Walk with care and a sure foot. Love Aunt Sue

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