Live Free or Die!

I crossed the state line into New Hampshire yesterday! Its such a cool feeling to know that I walked from one state to another. We took pictures at the state line sign and then kept on going. It was a 19 mile day, my longest yet. We left the shelter at 6 am and got into town by 6:30 pm, hitched a ride to the nearest gas station, got slushies and chips and ate them in the park. Another great day.

Tomorrow I start hiking in the White Mountains. I was at the library today and looked at a picture book of the Whites, they look AMAZING!!! I am so excited to get out there, and to top it all off, my best friend and her family are coming to New Hampshire in a week or so to see me! Definite motivation to get moving and kick some mountain butt. 😛

Live free or die is the State motto by the way. I’m still learning what it means, but if you know me, you know I love free stuff… hahaha.

4 thoughts on “Live Free or Die!

  1. Can’t wait to come and join you on some crazy adventures. I just packed up my pack and tried it on and… its heavy!!! Its mostly from the tent – time to think up a creative solution…

  2. hey crazy! miss you bunches! love reading your adventures (though i still think you lost your marbles lol)… Live free or die should be your motto! fits you perfectly. Enjoy the view made especially for you by your heavenly father 🙂 all heavens declare the beauty of the risen lord. Who can compare?… I’ll brainstorm some fatty foods for you! You’d be proud of my new war (krav) wounds… got kicked to the face, elbowed just above my eye (huge cut/blood pouring which got closed up by using crazy glue lol)… Carry on sista! have fun!

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