When I tell people about my hike they ask me a lot of questions. I will answer any questions you have for me. That is, regarding my hike… 🙂

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    • People are trying to call me Moose Tooter (there is a story behind it) but I’ve been refusing it since the second night. It seems to be sticking though. I’m trying to hold out for something better.

  1. Hey Julia , when you hit the next town, what do you most look forward to doing.
    A) sleeping in a bed
    B) eating food that you didn’t have to cook
    C) taking a shower
    D) visiting the coin laundry
    E) drinking a beer
    F) all of the above

  2. Julia,
    Ruth, mom (aunt Margaret) and I will be in the Knoxville, Ten. area between July 4th and July 6th. I think you are probably much farther north but if you are in the Smokey Mountain area ,would try to connect with you.

    Other possibility… Ruth and I are heading to the Boston area Monday July 23rd on our way to Nfld…Would that timing work? Cannot join you walking the trail but could meet for a meal in a town.

    Cousin Dorothy.. Fellow HBOR-LU. 🙂

  3. Hi Julia
    I miss you a lot! Sounds like you are having fun.
    I’ve been at the cottage for almost two weeks straight. The weather is fabulous and I am getting a lot done around here.
    Wish you were here gardening with me and and burning the brush.
    Your blog is fun to read. Keep on trucking!
    Love you.

      • I want to see you! I miss you, but I am happy that you are having fun. It must be beautiful so enjoy yourself.
        I have been very busy at the cottage fixing things up and laying sod in the backyard.
        You won’t believe the difference it makes.
        I have rented the cottage far a week so I am stuck in the city.
        Christinka is back from her trip so I might see her today.
        How long are you going to be away?
        Love you

  4. Hi Jules, sounds like your on a roll! What kind of trees and any wild flowers have you seen?
    How was the weather like in the Whites? You said it was windy, but was it hot like here?
    I hope you have a great time with your friend. Sounds like fun, maybe I can meet you for a few days?
    Love you!

  5. Hi Julia,
    Ruth and I saw Mt Katahadin in the distance as we drove north through Main to go to Newfoundland. The top was hidden in clouds but it did look very high.
    We have spent two weeks in NFLD hiking trails wherever we could find one. We found lots of blueberries like you did and some trails that indicated they would take less than an hour really took two and three as we kept stopping to eat them. Finally we began carrying a container so we could fill one and have them for lunch and dinner snacks. Hum delicious. Maybe it runs in the family? We hiked trails in Gros Morne and got up onto the table leads. I think I would like to return and walk the long traverse but it was not to be for this year. It does not look like our paths will cross this year as we head back to Ontario. Sounds like you are enjoying your time and having a wonderful experience. I am enjoying reading your postings. Cousin Dorothy

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