The Cookie Lady

Somewhere in Massachusetts there is a lady who lives just off the trail on a blueberry farm who has been giving cookies to hikers for many years. I’m not sure how this all came about, all I know is that I love cookies.

Sad Fish, Quickstep and I walked up to her property and saw that she lives on a blueberry farm. We heard earlier that the next shelter up the trail, Full Goose, serves pancakes for breakfast, and if you pick blueberries and bring them with you, they will put them in the pancakes.

The cookie lady wasn’t home, but her husband, the cookie man, was there and he brought us out 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies each. We also bought fresh hard boiled farm eggs and Klondike ice cream bars. Just as I finished my ice cream a man walked over with 2 big branches from a blueberry bush and told us he just trimmed a tree and we were welcome to eat all the berries. It was like a free for all. We picked those branches bare!

Just as I was getting a taste for the blueberries another hiker came in named Shipwreck. He told us that he was going to pick some to bring to Full Goose Shelter, I instantly volunteered to help him pick. Maybe I knew subconsciously why I volunteered to help, but I didn’t really mean to do what I did. It started with one or two blueberries, then a few more. One for the bucket, one for me. 3 for the bucket, 5 for me. Then before I knew what was happening I was going full force eating blueberries by the handful at lightning speed. They were SO GOOD! You couldn’t stop me if you tried. I looked over at Shipwreck and he was doing the same, we burst out laughing. We started to make excuses for our behavior saying that short people wouldn’t be able to reach the higher branches, so we were actually doing them a favor by eating them.

It was ridiculous, and delicious. My only regret is that I didn’t eat more. I didn’t know I loved blueberries that much.

The next day at Full Goose we had our pancakes with blueberries. Delicious!

5 thoughts on “The Cookie Lady

  1. Hi Julia,

    We like reading your blog. I like the picture of you and Laura. Hope your having fun.

    Hi Julia, love the updates and the great adventures your having. We miss you and pray for you.

  2. I often wonder how my daughter is doing out on her adventure, in fact almost everyday I wonder about her, and I am glad to her she is getting enough to eat. You know how Mothers can worry and I know how she likes to eat, so I am really glad to know she is being fed by strangers and having the good sense to feed herself. She can always call me for food money to keep going on the trail. Adventures are important. Missing you and OOHHHH so proud!

  3. That reminds me of the summer with Grandmother and Granddad on their sail boat. We ate so many blueberries we got this really weird taste in our mouth and couldn’t eat them for a very long time after that. hehe.. .let me know if that happens to you…. sounds like amazing food. Your blog is making me hungry.

  4. Lol, I love reading your food blog (aka hiking blog)! Glad you’re getting enough to eat. I love the idea of all the people who wait for hikers to stay at their homes/hostels. It makes life interesting for them and you! Glad you’re still having fun 🙂

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